Prime vs. zoom lens

An argument which constantly comes up amongst photographers is the age old debate of prime lens versus zoom lens. In honesty if used well then both are fantastic additions to your kit but there are different pros of each lens. A prime lens is a lens with one fixed focal length and can range from a wide angle to a longer telephoto version; whereas a zoom lens is a lens with a range of focal lengths. Arguments for prime lens Quality The quality of zoom lens has moved massively in the last few years when DSLR cameras have become more and more popular but fixed lens tend to be able to produce

Food Photography Made Easy

A well captured shot can do wonders - convince someone to try a recipe, make the viewer’s mouth water with anticipation and sell a heck lot of food and recipe books. But having an understanding of how to photograph food to get professional results requires a specific knowledge of what works best and what can spell disaster. We have put together a few things that you need to think about when you photograph food if you want results like you see in glossy magazines and articles. Have a look at some tips that can help you take professional shots. It’s All about Light It is all about light. The