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Prime vs. zoom lens

An argument which constantly comes up amongst photographers is the age old debate of prime lens versus zoom lens. In honesty if used well then both are fantastic additions to your kit but there are different pros of each lens. A prime lens is a lens with one fixed focal length and can range from a wide angle to a longer telephoto version; whereas a zoom lens is a lens with a range of focal lengths. Arguments for prime lens Quality The quality of zoom lens has moved massively in the last few years when DSLR cameras have become more and more popular but fixed lens tend to be able to produce

Mirrorless camera’s are they better than DSLR’s?

Compact system cameras are often referred to as mirrorless cameras because unlike DSLR cameras they don’t have a mirror to bounce light from the lens to the viewfinder. Because the mirror and pentaprism are missing from compact system cameras they can be made much smaller than DSLR’s. How often have you gone out and not wanted to lug your DSLR because it’s a bit bulky and then been disappointed because you wanted to take some good photos? We’ve all been there. Everyone can take a photo, but a photographer has the skill set to create a great image in any situation and with any equipment. How

Rainbow Food - How food’s colour can affect a photo

The items that we eat - and therefore the ones we photograph - come in a wide variety of colours. From fresh fruit and vegetables to brightly iced cakes, this are no shortage of colour combinations, but it’s amazing how much difference a colour can have on the way a photo looks. Colours communicate an emotion within a photo, and just one small error can make a dish go from mouth-watering to unappealing in one go. The problem with colour in a lot of photos is when natural light isn’t used as it can skew the colours. The most common reason for not getting the right colour in photos is the

What makes a good food photograph?

Once you’ve got your camera and you’ve had some practice you’ll probably be wondering how to create the perfect photo. Here are our top 5 tips to make your food photography truly appetising: Try not to use your flash Pouring light in from one angle will flatten the look of your dish and push away any delicate natural shadows which are present. In low lighting situations then the best options are to move location to somewhere lighter (perhaps outside?), put reflectors, or even just white card around the area to reflect as much light as possible or invest in a cheap softbox light to allow more

Food Photography Tips to make your Food Photos Truly Seductive

Good food photography can stimulate a physical response. A really great photo makes you hungry, makes you salivate and make you eat it all at once. It should not come to you as a surprise that all big photography websites on the web are popularly known as the Food Porn websites. Irrespective of whether you are a food photographer, a food blogger, an aspiring writer or a common person with a passion for food photography, there are some great tips that can make your food truly seductive and appealing. Pick the most Good Looking food Beyond a shadow of doubt, beauty comes from the inside, but