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Exciting new food photo community launches, where members make money selling photos of their culinary creations. 8th December 2014 London, UK – Freshly launched is a stunning food photography community that provides excellent money making potential for its members. Membership is free and users can earn a bit of extra money by selling their uploaded photos. Accounts on FudPix are easy to set up and image uploads are approved within 24 hours, setting the site apart from many stock photography sites. Once photos have been approved, they are featured on the spectacular FudPix site,

Food Photography Tips to make your Food Photos Truly Seductive

Good food photography can stimulate a physical response. A really great photo makes you hungry, makes you salivate and make you eat it all at once. It should not come to you as a surprise that all big photography websites on the web are popularly known as the Food Porn websites. Irrespective of whether you are a food photographer, a food blogger, an aspiring writer or a common person with a passion for food photography, there are some great tips that can make your food truly seductive and appealing. Pick the most Good Looking food Beyond a shadow of doubt, beauty comes from the inside, but

Food Styling: Add a Little Charm to your Food by giving it a Makeover

Part 2. Avoid Over Crowding Platters Whilst you may be tempted to serve plates piled high with food, it is a good idea to use less food than you would normally serve when taking food photos. Overcrowding your platter can negatively impact the appeal and charm of the food. Tip: Use the white space creatively to frame your main subject. Add Some Texture You can always add some texture to your plates by adding a parchment paper or a baking paper. This would not only add visual appeal but will also soften the lines of your plates. Use Contrasts When Possible Whilst there times when all white on

Food Styling: Add a Little Charm to your Food by giving it a Makeover

Treat your food as a model and make it look fabulous In front of the camera with the tips and tricks discussed in this blog. It can be pretty challenging to make your food look beautiful. It just never quite measures up to the picture that you see in the recipe. Like the fashion photos we come across every day in magazines, the key to final look is an artful and creative bit of styling. But, just how to do that? Let’s explore! Shoot the Food when it is still Fresh and Hot It goes without saying that food usually looks best in photographs, when it is captured fill bodied. The real problem is

Food Photography Made Easy

A well captured shot can do wonders - convince someone to try a recipe, make the viewer’s mouth water with anticipation and sell a heck lot of food and recipe books. But having an understanding of how to photograph food to get professional results requires a specific knowledge of what works best and what can spell disaster. We have put together a few things that you need to think about when you photograph food if you want results like you see in glossy magazines and articles. Have a look at some tips that can help you take professional shots. It’s All about Light It is all about light. The

Get Unique Food Stock Photos for your Business and Go Viral with a Difference – Part 2

Here are some more tips on how to choose food photos for your business and promote your business effectively. Purchasing the Low Resolution Version Just Because It is Cheaper Stock websites offer a number of options for every image and you would not trust me, people are always tempted to grab one of the cheaper versions just to save a few bucks. The one thing that should determine what is the perfect size to choose is the dimensions of the area you will be placing the photo into. If you have limited budget and you cannot afford a photo that meets your size requirements, look for a new photo.

Get Unique Food Stock Photos for your Business and Go Viral with a Difference

Because seeing is believing! In today’s fast paced world where small businesses are emerging every minute, it has become more challenging than ever to differentiate what you offer to your customers. What if you put strenuous efforts and heavy resources in revamping your product or service and your competitor comes up with the same strategy without investing a great deal of time and effort? Should you shut down your business then? Obviously not! Then what should you do! The answer is fairly simple. Going the extra mile to attract your customers and boost your sales figures will save your

Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

Food photography is unarguably one of the most challenging yet one of the most exciting types of photography out there. Like painting, you begin with a clear canvas. Layer upon layer, you develop the photograph until you achieve the ideal parity between art and reality. Every step in a photograph is a choice and each piece is perfectly planned and placed by the photographer. In the beginning, you may find it frustrating since from cooking, to styling to photography, you are all on your own. Nevertheless, once you attain the technical proficiency with the camera, you can enjoy the luxury of

Food Selfies – The Best Camera Angles to make your Food Photos Look Appetizing

Selecting the best camera angle when it comes to shooting food photos comes not only from an inner feeling but from a good observation and an inner feeling. Before you could compose your image, moving into a visual meditation is essential, move clearly around your subject and try to keep your focus with your bare eyes. However, you need to bear this important fact in mind that this meditation cannot be long lasting sine the freshly prepared food will not be able to maintain its freshness for long. Food photography is very similar to shooting a photograph of a person in a sense that each

Back to Basics. Food Photography Made Easy

Let the food do the talking! The food photography techniques that we will be discussing in this blog are the ones used by some of the most famous food photographers. We are going to break down these techniques into sections that will offer you some ideas to help you photograph and showcase your food. Styling is important Food needs styling too. Whilst you can always work with a professional food photographer, if you are a beginner, you will most likely take on the role of a food stylist yourself. Whilst you can always work with a professional food stylist, if you have just begun your venture